Travel agencies are the first to go to plan for domestic travel.

I always make plans when I go on a domestic trip.

I always make plans when I go on a domestic trip. The procedure at the time of setting up is always decided. First of all, I will decide where I will go as a whole plan. Frequently there is a desire to ""eat seafood fortune"". So the sea side is increasing as we go. Wherever you go, I always see Jalan as an information source. Here we will carefully check the ""hotel / inn price zone"" and ""tourist spot"". If you know the price range you can sort out and you can sort out where you want to go if you know sightseeing spots. If you decide sightseeing places and means of transportation, the place to stay naturally will be decided. And finally I will make a detailed plan. ""Internet"" is useful here. How to use it will decide the sightseeing order and schedule when using the transportation means from the sorted accommodation facilities. At this time it is what time you take a bus or train, and where to eat. Planning that far, you can change the plan without panic in emergency. If you do this alone you can enjoy your trip very much.

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