Travel agencies are the first to go to plan for domestic travel.

When I go on a trip, I always buy a guide book and read it.

When I go on a trip, I always buy a guide book and read it. It is easy to understand because recommended spots are introduced in the picture and it is easy to understand and sightseeing spot of the place is almost understood by one book and you can use mostly know most of the information you want to know about traffic access, business hours, I will. I want to find out more in that, search the net for what I wanted to investigate. Especially I will not look at any site, but when I search for keywords, I can find out more, and since some reviews of the people who actually went up are introduced, images are easy to grasp and pick up where I want to go It is easy to do. I have many places to go out concretely without going through detailed plans such as where to go, what time to go, but it is a place without land intuition, so it will make me uneasy if I do not know anything at all If you do not know about traffic access, you will get lost and you will spend wasted time just by that, so I think that it is easier to go out with information magazines and net previews. Another important thing is the accommodation destination! I think this is really important. The trip is fun but tiring, so I'd like to settle down at the inn, and I think that I can make a little better place. Because we reserve accommodation cheaply than usual when we do it online in advance, I think that it is good to find places where transportation from the sightseeing spot where you want to go around is good and reserve it in the place you looked for in various places .